A little history of philosophy

philHere’s a great little bit of bed-time reading for wannabe pop-philosophers. A Little History of Philosophy by Nigel Warburton traces the development of philosophical thought from Socrates to Singer in punchy, well-written chapters, each one just half a dozen pages in length. All the big names are there and their ideas are presented using illustrations, humour, and sparkling clarity. Of course there’s the danger with such a book that a philosopher’s views aren’t presented in all their rich nuance, but what this book does is whet the appetite to go and explore for yourself some of history’s greatest thinkers. For communicators you’ll also be pleased to know there’s a wealth of good illustrations to steal (which, as a happy by-product will make you look learned!). Buy it, read it, then be sure to leave it lying round on your coffee table to show what an enlightened individual you are.

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