Keller on the ups and downs of relativism

I heard an interview with Tim Keller yesterday which, as per usual, was insightful, helpful, and wise. And as so often happens when I listen to Tim talking about culture and world-view he succeeded in knocking me off my chair with a brilliantly insightful and concise comment. He was being asked about post-modernism and religious relativism and he simply observed that “the upside of relativism is you get to live how you want; the downside is there’s nothing to live for.” Boom! Did you get that. On the plus side is there’s no moral absolutes so do what you like – no-one can judge or command you from a position of ultimate authority. The downside is there’s no moral absolutes because there’s no ultimate designer, organiser, controller of our universe, so really there’s no ultimate purpose to our existence. If you’re a consistent relativist you can live how you want, but there’s really nothing to live for. Stick that in your post-modern pipe and smoke it!


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