The CARE plan – a tool for teams

6a00d83548d4df53ef00e54f3760878834-800wiThe CARE plan is something we’ve profitably used with most of our teams at Grace. We love a good acronym and it stands for the following:

  • C – clarify the mission
  • A – agree goals
  • R – review progress
  • E – equip the team

The idea is that each team sits down and clarifies what it exists for – a mission statement. The sound team (as an example) have something like “making the sound audible and clear so that people hear the gospel clearly and in an un-distracted way.” I think they put it better than that! Then they agree some goals to making that happen. So, to pick on our sound team again, goals might include acquire decent kit, gather a team of people who know what they’re doing, set up and test early etc. The teams should then meet roughly quarterly to review progress and make any necessary changes. Finally each team needs to think about ways to further resource and equip themselves – that may be in terms of actual equipment or it may be training sessions.

We’ve found this little tool really helpful to focus minds on what we do and why. Why not give it a try?

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