Super Teams

super teamsHere’s a good book by Khoi Tu examining what it is that makes some teams great. Here’s a few things noted down from the book:

  • Pixar (Toy Story)
  • Common purpose
  • Sense of urgency
  • Clear goals
  • Focused yet flexible
  • European Ryder Cup Team 2010
    • Leading the team is a full time task
    • Coach and collaborate
    • Create a team of leaders
    • Shape the environment for success
  • Iranian Embassy SAS team
    • Select the best
    • The ‘best twelve’ not ‘twelve best’
    • Excellence is a habit
  • Red Cross in Haiti
    • Keep teams as small as the mission allows
    • Clarify roles
    • Control the controllables
  • Rolling Stones
    • Build cohesion through competence, reliability, care, quality time together
  • Northern Ireland Peace Process
    • Eyes on the prize
    • Don’t sweat the small stuff
    • Seek commitment not consensus
    • Master healthy conflict
  • Ferrari F1 2002
    • Be obsessive about improvement
    • Begin at the beginning
    • Assemble talent
    • Learn new ways to do things
    • Adapt or die

Some of these observations are more persuasive than others but all in all there are some helpful insights and reminders about what makes a good team.


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