5 Reasons Why You Should Have an Elders Retreat

RetreatOk, so our retreat venue didn’t look quite like the picture, but if any of my fellow leaders is reading this then this is what I’m proposing for next year. Having just returned from our annual elders weekend away I wanted to share some of the reasons why I think these times are so important for a leadership team:

  1. You grow together – as you walk, talk, pray, eat, and share top banter you grow relationally closer.
  2. You get to spend lots of time praying. So often leadership get togethers end up being all business with 10 mins of prayer squeezed in at the end. A retreat allows you to give significant time to pray for all sorts of things.
  3. You have time to think strategically, to work things through, bat them round, and make some real progress as you determine priorities and plans for the upcoming year.
  4. You get to listen to God. I don’t mean in a super-spiritual, lotus position, gaze at your navel til you hallucinate sort of way. I just mean time spent praying, thinking, and talking often does open us up to that corporate leading and guiding of the Spirit – “it seemed good to us and the Holy Spirit…”
  5. It’s good for your soul. Again, slowing down, spending time reflecting on the Bible in discussion and prayer replenishes the soul which can only help your leading of the flock.

Our last two years of these have been brilliant – real high points of our year. And we’ve made some pretty massive decisions off the back of them. If you haven’t already given it a go then try it – you might like it.

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