God’ll Fix It by Jimmy Savile

jsI heard an interesting interview on the radio this morning with a journalist investigating the Jimmy Savile story. Apparently, in 1978 Jimmy Savile wrote a slim volume entitled God’ll Fix It in which he describes his belief in God and the afterlife. He talks about arriving at the pearly gates and hoping that his charity works will have done enough to compensate for all the other stuff he’d done. He clearly had some sort of conscience about events in his life and his only hope was in his own good works making atonement. It’s a fascinating (and tragic) illustration of how people think salvation is obtained. If only enough good things can be achieved they may outweigh whatever bad we have done. Yet the Bible is clear. Our evil must be punished. The only question is whether we bear the punishment ourselves into eternity or whether we let Christ bear it for us at the cross. Salvation is by grace, not works, and this is not from yourself, that no one may boast before God.


2 Replies to “God’ll Fix It by Jimmy Savile”

  1. Hi Martin
    great post… I just looked up the book & there’s only one copy left anywhere I’ve looked – for £80… fancy chipping in £20 and i’ll find another pastor or two willing to do the same and we can all have a read??

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