My Favourite Blogs

blogI thought it might be useful to some if I shared with you the blogs I most often visit. Perhaps once or twice a week I’ll spend 20 mins quickly scanning and picking up on any particularly useful thoughts or resources. Whenever I do that I’ll almost always check out the following:

1. The Gospel Coalition – a massive wealth of resources from loads of top guys and gals. Always repays a visit.
2. Trevin Wax – I really like Trevin. He thinks deeply and is often careful and nuanced. He’ll often take a slightly different view from the mainstream and I like him for that. Not only is he a good creator of content, but also a good curator.
3. Tim Challies – Always has great links to other blogs, kindle deals, book reviews etc.
4. Doug Wilson – I disagree with as much as I agree with but I always enjoy the prose and the stimulating content from Doug.
5. Michael Bird – A mighty fine NT theologian. I’m always keen to see what he’s linking to, recommending, and commenting on.
6. Rick Warren’s Pastor’s Blog – a bit like the TGC but from a slightly different stable. Lots of useful resources and ideas to pick up on.

What am I missing out on? What blogs should I be regularly looking at that I might not be currently?


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