Top posts of 2012

1. Winner by miles – Tim Keller’s top 10 evangelism tips. This one went viral when the man himself re-tweeted the link back in June. 13k views later I’m praying that it may have had a big impact on personal evangelism.

2. Surprisingly “Yes men will kill you” – really looking at Thomas Kilman’s conflict model. I think I’ve had alot of hits from people by mistake googling Thomas Kilman conflict model. Still, there you go.

3. Less surprisingly – “Is church planting the best strategy?” – this one generated the most traffic from people I know. In the church culture I move in church planting is a really big deal (and rightly so) so anything which asked a few questions would inevitably draw some flak. Interestingly a number of people said they had similar reservations so perhaps starting the conversation wasn’t so bad.

4. My ‘world-view diagram’ which I’ve developed over the last couple of years proved popular and I pray helpful. I must get round to writing it up into some sort of little tract/pamphlet thingy.

What sorts of things would you like more of next year?


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