Top reads of 2012

books2I think I’ve probably read around 40 books this last year – some more carefully than others. Here are the ones which have stuck with me in no particular order:

  • Tom Wright, Virtue Reborn – insightful, pastoral, practical – more great stuff from NTW
  • Chris Wright, Mission of God – thorough, exegetical, applied – best all round theology of mission out there
  • David Bosch, Transforming Mission – the best introduction to what is a massively broad field
  • Larry Osborne, Sticky Church and Sticky Teams – the most formative leadership books I’ve read this year.
  • Kevin Vanhoozer, The Drama of Doctrine – A wonderfully deep and nuanced treatment of the doctrine of the word of God
  • Doug Wilson, Wordsmithy – thoroughly enjoyable – if you’re a writer, blogger, or speaker there’s gold in them there hills
  • Emma Scrivener, A New Name – powerful, pastoral and Christ centred. Brilliantly written. Will linger long in the memory.
  • G.K.Chesterton, Orthodoxy – Awash with brilliant illustration and metaphor – one in the eye for Bernard Shaw and pals

If I had to recommend just one for church leaders I’d say get Larry Osborne’s stuff read in the new year. In twelve months you’ll be glad you did.


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