Some Ideas for Kids Talks Series’

Many of you, like me, will be responsible for trying to come up with fresh and creative ideas for your kids talks every week/quarter/term. And many of you, like me, will find the task increasingly difficult as you run out of good ideas and start scratching round on the internet and friends blogs for your next great idea. Well, here’s a few of the series we’ve run over the last few years at GCC. Each series runs for a quarter (about 12 slots required) – you can fill in the details yourselves:

  • God is like… (lion, lamb etc)
  • The Big Picture (Bible overview)
  • The Word of God is like… (hammer, lamp etc)
  • The Great Escape (Exodus)
  • We Need a Saviour (Judges)
  • Pearls of Wisdom (Proverbs)
  • Bible blockbusters (pick a selection of great stories from the Bible)
  • Around the world (use something like Operation World to find out more about, and pray for, different countries)
  • Catechism (plenty of good kids catechisms out there – a series you can return to over time)
  • Bible baddies (Snake, Pharaoh, Goliath etc)
  • Big words that end in –shun (like redemption, reconciliation, sanctification etc)
  • TTT (This time tomorrow – interview various people about what Monday morning looks like and how their faith impacts their day to day living)
  • Mission unstoppable (Acts)
  • Postcards from… (Corinth, Rome, Philippi etc – a chance to look at some of the themes of Paul’s letters)
  • Horrible Histories (boys love this stuff – Eglon, Saul, Judas)
  • People Jesus met (paralysed man, sick woman, blind man etc – good way to explore who Jesus is and what he came to do)
  • Heroes of History (a little bit of church history – Augustine, Calvin, Lattimer, Ridley, Wilberforce etc)

If you have any other great ideas please do comment – hopefully others in their desperation might stumble across this and find new hope! We tend to keep our kids talks as 5 mins for 5 year olds. Our best kids talks have the ability to span the ages. Many of our new Christians get more out of the kids talks initially as they fill in a lot of the basic Bible background info and key points in the grand story. Perhaps in the next post I’ll put up our top ten training tips for top kids talks.


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