The Upside Down Empire of Outcasts

Here’s some more goodness from Andrew Wilson’s excellent book If God, Then What?

“We tend to think highly of people who are rich, powerful, intelligent, beautiful, confident, famous; Jesus spend almost all his time hanging out with the poor, oppressed, marginalized, hurting nobodies . . . I love this subversive God and his upside down empire of outcasts, prostitutes, slaves and lepers, where even the twelve disciples were made up of sceptics and terrorists and tax cheats and northern boaties who smelled of fish. I love the idea that the universe is run by someone who sees through our insecure power plays and celebrity culture, and who knows that, underneath the razzamatazz and social hierarchy, we’re all broken and we all need healing just the same”

If you haven’t yet bought yourself a copy (and one to give away) visit here now.


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