Highlights from Bill Hybels at this years Global Leadership Summit

I’m a big fan of the GLS – it’s energising, exciting, and inspiring. I always come away with a hat-full of ideas and things to think about. Three of our leadership team were at the regional event in Bracknell on Friday. Here are some of the highlights from the opening talk given by Bill Hybels.

1. parable of sower – there’s a lot of failure in there so how do we see more decent crop?

– answer: sow more seed

– publicity

– training – eg. Just walk across the room

– courses – xplore

– organisations take their ‘seed sowing’ lead from the leader – entropy must not occur on your watch.

– experiment – keep it fresh, force learning and progress, alleviate boredom – tinker constantly to find new ways of seed sowing.

2. prioritise – leaders most valuable asset is not their time, but their energising capabilities.

– here’s a good question – in the next 6 weeks what would be the greatest 6 contributions you could make for the church God loves.

– Write them down on 6×6 cards.

– Plan six week sprints with priorities that will most impact your organisation

– arrange your schedule around these priorities and energy bursts.

– stop just responding to stuff – move stuff forward; energise important projects

3. Succession planning

– If you’re coming toward retirment you need to think about this a fair way out.

– planning phase – who chooses successor; what’s the time frame; how do you honour old pastor; what’s their role when they finish.

– locate internal person (ideally) to be successor

– transition phase (responsibilities gradually handed over – perhaps over 2 year period)

– understand how deep feelings run for long term senior pastors

– the greatest legacy is to leave the future in good shape and hands

4. When vision is vulnerable

– not early days; not when finish line is in sight; but in the middle when people hit the wall (eg. Nehemiah’s wall)

5. Leadership is a privilege

The DVD’s of these sessions are well worth getting hold of. I’ll be putting up a few more highlights from other speakers in the next few posts.


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