A Book on Housegroups

A number of years ago Ian Coffey and Stephen Gaukroger published a collection of essays on different aspects of homegroup life which has recently been reprinted with a nice new cover. Some of the chapters now feel dated, and are really aimed at a particular type of church, but others are still incredibly helpful. For example John Earwicker on “The skills of leadership”; Trevor Gregory on “Praying Together”; and Peter and Rosemary Meadows on “Sharing” are highlights. If you’re involved in leading homegroups it’s definitely worth picking up and perusing. There’s plenty of good ideas to use and pass round.


2 Replies to “A Book on Housegroups”

  1. We picked this up at Keswick. I was disappointed to see a chapter by Nick Mercer, who used to teach at Spurgeon’s, but turned Anglican. He’s quite significant in the CoE ministry division and gave the “I used to be evangelical, but then I grew up” talk to potential ordinands from London when I went through. Also Steve Motyer writes a chapter. Doesn’t mean it’s not worth reading, just I would want to read with caution and I was a bit disappointed to see IVP selling it.

  2. It was a mixed bag, but if you’re in charge of homegroup development where you are there’s a few chapters that are probably worth photocopying and distributing. But hear your criticisms. There’s better stuff out there (but not much!)

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