The Triple Cure

You have to love a bit of Reformed Christology (any Christology come to think of it). I was heading up a seminar this past week with the young people at Keswick on Christology from Nicea to Geneva. I loved coming across Turretin’s (I think it was his) Triple Cure. Our triple threat (I made up that – well I nicked it from Wrestling or something like that) is ignorance (1 Cor 2), guilt (Rom 3; Eph 2), and slavery (John 8). A solid Christology will show you how Jesus provides the Triple Cure by means of his three-fold office of prophet, priest, and King. As prophet he reveals God to us, dealing with our ignorance; as priest he is the eternal high priest and sacrifice atoning for our guilt; as King he crushes the head of the slave owner buying us back our freedom to serve him. Praise God for Turretin, Christology, and mostly for Christ – our prophet, priest, and King.


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