I attended a dinner on Monday evening at the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity. Mark Greene (the director) gave an excellent talk on the mission and vision of LICC. Here are some of the things he said that struck me:

  • Before God created man, he created a context for human flourishing – after that point it was man’s job to maintain such a context.
  • Part of the mission of God is to put love where love is not (quoting St John of the Cross)
  • 98% of Christians think they spend 95% of their time in non-mission contexts – we need to get them to see those various contexts as part of front-line mission.
  • Boaz was a man who blessed his workers (‘The Lord be with you’), protected the vulnerable, conducted himself with integrity, and maintained workplace standards.
  • Front line missionaries are mums, shop-keepers, shelf-stackers, chief-execs etc. – are we equipping them for front line duty?
  • whole life discipleship should be unavoidable.

They also gave away a few freebies at the end of the evening including a six-week DVD course called Life on the Front Line. I watched some of the sessions yesterday and it is great material. The DVD also comes with pdf files containing a leader and participant course books – definitely a good resource for homegroups.

Incidentally, you can also find on the blogroll a link to Anthony Billington’s blog – he’s the LICC head of theology, and a thoroughly nice chap with a wonderfully sharp mind. All in all, I was very impressed with LICC and the work they are doing. Check them out.

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