Three more great world-view questions

In a previous post on world-views I identified 5 good questions to ask. These were:

  1. Where have I come from?
  2. What am I here for?
  3. Where am I going?
  4. What’s wrong?
  5. What’s the solution?
In addition there was a sixth question which relates to all the others – How do I know? How do I know that my answer to any of the first 5 questions is in fact right? Is it just what seems reasonable, or ‘feels’ right, or what the majority decide is true? All those have obvious problems. Related to this sixth question there are 3 more sub-questions worth being aware of and pursuing. These are:
  1. What’s true?
  2. What’s right?
  3. Who am I?
Two things to say about these questions. First, they correspond nicely to John Frame’s normative, situational, and existential perspectives (for those who like this sort of thing). Second, they also correspond to the discussion that takes place in the Garden of Eden between Eve and the serpent (Gen 3). The serpent begins with an attack on truth – ‘did God really say you can’t eat from that tree?’; then conversation moves to the second question – ‘you won’t surely die if you eat a little fruit.’ Third comes the question of personhood – ‘God knows you’ll become like him knowing good from evil.’ This is the clincher in the human mind – I am ‘god’; I do get to determine the answer to the question. What’s revealed here is that answers to big questions aren’t intellectually neutral – they spring from all of our little ‘god’ complexes. The task of the apologist is to lead someone to see their own biases and question them.

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