Wisdom & Wonder

Here are some nice quotes from the recently translated and published Wisdom & Wonder: Common Grace in Science & Art by Abraham Kuyper.

  • On Science . . . “If, therefore, God’s thinking is primary, and if all of creation is to be understood simply as the outflow of that thinking of God . . . then it must be the case that the divine thinking must be embedded in all created things. Thus there can be nothing in the universe that fails to express, to incarnate, the revelation of the thought of God . . . The whole creation is nothing but the visible curtain behind which radiates the exalted working of this divine thinking.”
  • “How much study occurs for the sake of examinations or for a career, lacking the motivation of sacred enthusiasm for the subject!”
  • On Art . . . “Art not only possesses a sacred origin in the impulse that has been embedded within our heart, but art also enjoys a direct connection with our expectations for eternity.”
  • On Music . . . “the singer or player translates what you yourself can barely stammer, and does so in rich and fulsome chords, and your soul feels liberated.”
  • “the art of music and song must be the means for bringing a worshiper’s soul out of the ordinary and mechanical into passion and activity.”

Acton Institute and Kuyper College are also working on translating the three volume, 1700 pages of Kuypers De gemeene gratie (Common Grace). They’re hoping the first volume will be ready later this year. If Wisdom & Wonder is a taster, then bring on the main course.


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