The Drama of Doctrine

I’ve just finished wading through the somewhat dense, but thoroughly excellent and enjoyable Drama of Doctrine by the genius that is Kevin Vanhoozer. Here are some of my favourite bits:

  • “The drama of redemption is thus a great twofold odyssey, in which humanity, along with the rest of creation, loses its way and finds its way home only because God leaves home in order to bring everyone back”
  • “To become a Christian is to be taken up into the drama of God’s plan for creation”
  • “Narratives make story-shaped points that cannot always be paraphrased in propositional statements without losing something in translation.”
  • “Biblical interpretation is incomplete unless and until it issues in performance.”
  • “The drama of doctrine consists in the Spirit’s directing the church rightly to participate in the evangelical action by performing its authoritative script.”
  • “Actors/disciples demonstrate the measure of their faithfulness and fitness – the extent of their correspondence to the truth – by every judgement they make.”
  • “The biblical script asks not to admired but performed
  • “Good theological judgement is largely, though not exclusively, a matter of being apprenticed to the canon”
  • “Theology is less a matter of indoctrination than it is of exdoctrination: the living out of Christian teaching.”
  • “The cry of Christian celebration is not “Eureka, I have found it” but “Eucharisto, He has found us!”
  • “The local church is that interactive theatre where a distinct view of the world – as created for fellowship with the triune God – is remembered, studied, cultivated, and celebrated in corporate performance.”

See. Told you it was good. Get it read.


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