When cool young men become pathetic middle aged men

This morning at Grace Community Church, Bedford we had a great sermon from 1 Pet 4. Our pastor, Ray Evans, was at one point particularly addressing what he termed ‘sins of excess’ – the kinds of sins which take good gifts from God, and pursue them to excess – for example, alcohol and sex. There is a particular challenge here to young men. It is often particularly tempting for young men to pursue fulfilment, pleasure, and peer-respect through excessive drinking and sexual promiscuity. What is noteworthy here however, is that the kinds of things you think make you look cool at 18 look decidedly pathetic at 35. The young man who gets drunk and sleeps around is hailed as a hero by his peers; the middle-aged man who does this is derided. Take heed young men, lest thinking you stand, you fall.

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