Men, dance with your wives

I was preaching yesterday from a tricky little passage – 1 Pet 3:1-7, which begins with “Wives, in the same way, submit to your husbands.” A mate of mine preached that passage recently and managed to make national news – he was pilloried as being a medieval misogynist (unfairly btw). As I tried to explain what leadership and submission looks like in a marriage relationship I used the analogy of ballroom dancing – beautiful dancing is achieved when there is a gentle but firm lead, and a sensitive and responsive follow. After I’d preached a good friend reminded me of C.S.Lewis’ usage of ‘dance’ to illustrate the intra-Trinitarian relationship – ontological equality with functional subordination brought together in the most beautiful dance. The marriage relationship, to some degree, mirrors the relationship of the Trinity. Submission and leadership, far from being abusive, is about serving and bringing out the best in your partner. So men, take your partners, and dance.


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