Wordsmith Wilson

Last week I read (in just over 24 hours) Doug Wilson’s book Wordsmithy which was thoroughly enjoyable. It had some great tips for writers and speakers, and because Wilson himself is an excellent writer it was simply a joy to read. Here are some of my favourite bits:

  • Interested people are interesting people – read what you enjoy
  • Read until your brain creaks
  • Read voraciously, widely, like  a reader (not like someone cramming for a test)
  • Read like a lover of books (not like someone who wants to be seen as a lover of books)
  • Pace yourself (little and often; don’t be afraid of having 20 books on the go at one time)
  • Practice – the quality of what you produce will be directly proportional  to how much you are willing to throw away
  • Listen to critics; don’t be afraid to suck for a while
  • Keep a note-book for writing down memorable phrases or quotes

I enjoyed it so much I’ve immediately passed it to a friend to read. I reckon any writer or preacher would benefit from reading this excellent little work. Keep ’em coming Doug.


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