Do Not Attempt Resuscitation

Yesterday morning one of our church leaders, David Bartlett, spoke powerfully from the end of Mark 1 about Jesus’ compassion on the sick. As a local GP he mentioned the stack of purple forms that sits in his desk drawer. These forms are know as DNAR forms – DNAR standing for Do Not Attempt Resuscitation. These forms are filled out for those patients for whom resuscitation in the event of collapse would not be a beneficial course of action. Often they are very ill, frail, or have a terminal condition. These forms are always filled out with the patient (or their advocate) and are inevitably accompanied by solemnity and painful emotion. Sadly, and much to human frustration, sometimes their is simply nothing more we can do.

But here’s the amazing thing – Jesus has no DNAR forms sat on his desk. There are no futile or hopeless cases. There are no people so sick that Jesus cannot heal. There are no people who Jesus looks at and says, “There’s nothing more I can do.” There are no people whom Jesus does not consider worthy of the effort. His sacrificial death on the cross can bring new full real true magnificent eternal life for all who will come to his clinic. Sola Dei Gloria!


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