Stanley and Hybels

I attended the Leaders Gathering in Bracknell yesterday with the elders from church. Bill Hybels and Andy Stanley were doing some Q&A’s on leadership, and Stanley spoke on communication. Here are some of the highlights:

BH – “you’ll never harvest more than you sow”

AS – “a healthy marriage and healthy family, lived out before a watching world, are evangelistic – they are the salt and light in our culture”

AS – “if people are going to invite people to our services, they must be of high quality”

AS – on preaching “write down your goal in communication; then ask if your approach matches your goal” ; “approach is everything – truth with the wrong approach will meet a dead end” ; “we can’t make people fall in love with author [of Scripture], but we can set up the date”

AS – 5 good questions to ask when preaching:

  1. Who is this all about really?
  2. What’s my burden?
  3. Where’s the tension?
  4. Do I own it?
  5. Am I allowing the text to speak?

Lots of good insights – would certainly recommend Stanley’s book on communication entitled Communicating for a Change. 


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